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Wednesday, 19 October 2011


I did property renovations for Steve Whalen for approx 18 months then he started to delay payments-always with a good excuse; money flow problems, contract hold ups, etc.  He asked me to be patient and finish off the jobs and said I would get paid in full-then he stopped answering the phone.
He met up with me once and promised I would be paid up if I would take on some more work!
Er.. NO!  I did suggest he put some money straight into my account as a gesture of good will and he agreed!!!  However, I would have to wait until the weekend when cheques would clear in his account.
6 months on -nothing other than an offer to make me NUMBER 3 on his list of creditors if I would withdraw any action against him and remove my post on another blog site about him!link to another Steve Whalen site!!!!!!

 #Steve Whalen any other victims may be interested to know he has a new company called  @propertysteve and is back at his old home address.